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What Car Dealers Don't Tell You: How to Score the Best Second Hand Cars

Buying a used car is an easy, yet effective, way to save money. Especially with the inflating cost of buying cars brand new. Whether you’re looking to buy a luxury car, or a car that’ll simply get you from point A to point B, there are a number of choices in the used car market. In this guide, we’l [...]

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Choosing a Car that Can Help Protect Your Family

Here at Tony Lahood Motors, we are proud to offer high-quality used cars at affordable prices. When you are shopping for a car, its appearance is not your only concern. While the look of your car does say a lot about who you are, the safety of your vehicle is just as important. You want to be sure t [...]

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Why Oil Changes are So Important

Technology in the auto industry has evolved with an oil pump and filter being one of the advances in the industry. The motor oil is essential to keep engine parts lubricated and moving. It is essential to change your oil every 5K miles to ensure the vehicle’s engine life cycle. Motor oils contain [...]

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