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How to Upgrade Your Auto Repair Routine

While newer model vehicles often don’t require the maintenance that an older vehicle requires, they still require maintenance. It is not difficult for vehicle owners to find that they are racking up 15 to 20K miles on your vehicle each year. Tony Lahood Motors, Used Car Sales Sydney offers the following suggestions to help improve the life span of your vehicle.

Each month:
  • Check all lights
  • Check oil and transmission fluid levels
  • Check tyre inflation
  • Check the windshield washer fluid
Each 5K Miles
  • Rotate your tyres. It is important to switch the tyres every 5K miles to ensure even wear on all four tyres.
  • Change your oil. It is important that oil is changed every 5K miles to prevent deposits from forming inside the engine, and to keep your engine well lubricated to avoid unnecessary wear on the engine.
Each 15K Miles
  • Replace your wiper blades
  • Replace your carbon canister filter
  • Replace your cabin air filter
  • Replace your air filter
  • Check your engine’s serpentine belt for sign of cracking, chunking, fraying or excessive wear
  • Check your battery for the reserve starting power. Check your cables to ensure they are in good condition, clean and corrosion free, as well as fit securely, and that there are no deposits
  • Check your vacuum hoses and lines for wear and secure connections
Each 30K Miles
  • Flush the old coolant from your radiator and perform a pressure test to check for any leaks. Replace the coolant
  • Perform a diagnostic check on the engine.
  • Lubricate your hood hinges, door hinges, and other lubrication points on the vehicle. This includes the undercarriage and chassis
Each 60K Miles
  • Check the condition of your brake pads and rotors
  • Replace the engine’s timing belt
  • Repeat all services from the 30K mile increment
Each 100K Miles
  • Check your CV joints and wheel bearings if your vehicle is a front drive vehicle
  • Complete a cylinder compression check
  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Replace coil pack if necessary/

Upgrading your vehicle maintenance routine will help to expand the life of your vehicle. The above service intervals are important as they are designed to your vehicle’s life cycle in mind. With a good maintenance routine, you can add 200,000 plus miles to your vehicle. If you aren’t a vehicle owner that is handy under the hood or on DIY projects, be sure to have a service centre complete the maintenance at the suggested service intervals.

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