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Most Reliable Second-Hand Cars You Can Buy

When it comes to buying a first car, an upgraded car or a reliable family car, the most cost-effective choice is a second-hand car. But unlike when you or your parents might have got a first car – where the aircon didn’t work, the manual window winder was a bit dodgy, and the keys probably got loc [...]

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Things to Check When Buying a Second-Hand Car

On the hunt for a new car? You’ve probably been given a lot of mixed opinions on whether to buy second-hand or brand new. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably in the middle of Googling “second-hand car yards near me”, right? Second-hand cars from a trusted dealership – like Tony Lahood Mot [...]

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What Car Dealers Don't Tell You: How to Score the Best Second Hand Cars

Buying a used car is an easy, yet effective, way to save money. Especially with the inflating cost of buying cars brand new. Whether you’re looking to buy a luxury car, or a car that’ll simply get you from point A to point B, there are a number of choices in the used car market. In this guide, we’l [...]

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