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Where to Buy the Best Used Cars in Australia

  • January 29, 2019
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Searching for used cars that are still in a good condition can be a difficult, and daunting task. It is very easy to just check the classified ads in the newspaper to find your next car. This is no longer the only way to find a good deal on used cars in Australia.

Car Dealers

Car dealers in Australia today have greater access to mechanical and technical expertise compared to private owners. In most cases, dealerships will put newly obtained cars through a rigorous technical inspection to identify any issues, and then fix them before the car is moved to the lot.

Another benefit in choosing a car dealer is that they can help you in financing the car you wish to buy. This is perhaps one of the biggest differences between Dealerships and private sellers. Depending on your requirements, dealers are able to accept multiple payment methods, whereas private sellers will typically only accept cash. Along with this, dealers are also familiar with the requirements of transferring car ownership so you will be assured that they can help you get the paperwork filled out correctly.

Tony Lahood is backed by Statutory Dealer Warranties and all purchases that are made in our store are completed protected by this.

Private Sales

Used car dealers usually have an extensive knowledge of a cars history. They have access to a range of tools that can check, and double check, your next cars previous owners, insurance claims, and if there is any debt attached to the car. If you’re buying from a private seller, you can’t be sure that they know the whole history of the car.

There is typically a lot less paperwork involved when buying from a private seller, however, you won’t be protected by a warranty or any other guarantees. If you require a loan or are looking to lease while buying a used car, this may not be possible if you’re buying privately.

One advantage of buying privately is that it is possible to haggle or negotiate on the price, but is it really worth the risk of buying without a warranty or guarantees?

Auction Houses

Firstly, it is possible to find vehicles at these auction houses. Keep in mind that the vehicles on display here are often undesirable and could not be sold at a dealership, causing them to be sold at a large discount. Another thing to note is that they also don’t come with a warranty so you’re on your own after purchasing.

Tony Lahood doesn’t buy from these auction houses because these are where people dump their ‘rubbish’ and generally, these auction houses do not hold reputable cars.

If you are looking for a reputable car dealer who sells high quality and affordable used cars in Sydney, Australia today, come and visit us at Tony Lahood Motors. You can find a wide range of second hand vehicles at our shop and see for yourself which one will fit your needs. Check us out now!