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5 Benefits of Buying a Used Car in Sydney

Buying a pre-owned car has many benefits, so don’t think you will sacrifice owning a car in good condition or style simply for the benefit of a better price. Tony LaHood welcomes you to the benefits of Cash for Used Cars.

Better Price

When you purchase a pre-owned car, you are purchasing a car at a better price. Typically, there is a price gap of about $20K between new and used cars, so that new upholstery and brand new scent comes with a great price, and often doesn’t last long!

Depreciation Benefits

The depreciation of a new car is something that occurs quickly. New car buyers are often unaware that once they drive their new car off the lot, it has already depreciated. During the first year of new car ownership, the car can lose as much as 40 percent of its value. With a used car, there is no immediate depreciation. You don’t have the concern that your car will quickly lose value.

Potentially Avoiding New Car Fees

With new cars, car buyers can most often expect new car fees. Most car dealerships require that you pay taxes and motor car fees. It is likely that there are other random fees like preparation, processing and advertising fees. In the end, you may be paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for that new car.


When buying a pre-owned car, you often have the variety you seek. For instance, if you are looking for an earlier model 4x4 with specific features that are no longer on the market, chances are you’ll find it. There is a great deal of variety in preowned cars.


Shopping for a pre-owned car means that you can take advantage of current technology like the Internet. Most Used Car Dealers like Tony LaHood Lidcombe have their inventory on the Internet so that potential pre-owned car buyers can easily locate cars that may interest them. Searching is simple as you can search via price range, make, model, year, style, etc.

Buying a pre-owned car should be a great experience. At Tony LaHood Motors Lidcombe, our preowned cars are inspection certified, assuring car buyers that the pre-owned car they are purchasing is of good quality. We also offer cars with warranties. Welcome to Tony LoHood Motors. We are here to assist you in buying a preowned car.

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