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5 Reasons That Make Mazda the Perfect Used Car in Sydney

  • June 05, 2019
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You know how certain vehicles suit certain driving conditions? A 4WD is great for rough roads. A Ute is a smart choice for rural and industrial uses. A people mover is… self-explanatory really.

Have you ever thought about what brand of vehicle is perfect for a whole city? We have, because as Mazda dealers in Sydney we’ve seen a continuing trend of customers choosing used Mazda vehicles over other brands... and we thought it was time to share the reasons why.

1.    A range of Mazdas for Sydney life

You’d have to begin with the obvious – Mazda produces a range of vehicles to suit any necessity life dishes up. From zipping daily to work in busy traffic, the Mazda 2 or 3 is just perfect. If you’re needing more family room with some extra pulling power, the Mazda CX-5 & CX-9 are the go. The Mazda 6 covers off family sedans and the BT-50 is the workhorse.

With Sydney’s population now reaching over 5 million people, the demand for performance on the busiest streets of Australia is well met by the Japanese engineering excellence of Mazda. It’s ultra reliable and if well maintained can have great re-sale value.

2.    More trade-ins

With so many drivers in Sydney comes the obvious result of a higher number of trade-ins when it’s time to move up a model. Many people hold to the rule of changing their cars every two to three years, usually when the new car warranty expires. These trade-ins are what we used car Mazda dealers in Sydney love. It means we can pass on a relatively new vehicle but without the new car price tag.

At Tony Lahood Motors we sweeten the deal by placing a 3-year used car warranty onto every used Mazda we sell. You don’t need to ask for it – it’s there already.

3.    Save on used vs. new

If you think a new car smell is worth a couple of thousand dollars, then go right ahead and buy new. But if you choose to wait and find a second-hand Mazda, without the new car smell and a few more kilometres on the clock, you will save yourself thousands in comparison. You’ll still have a Mazda that performs like its fastidious Japanese creators intended too, very well way past 100,000kms if it’s maintained well.

4.    More Mazdas mean easier repairs

It really is a simple mathematical equation – the more Mazdas in Sydney, the more parts are on supply from the manufacturer. Mazda’s popularity means parts are easier to find and are delivered to your repairer in good time, unlike more obscure car brands.

5.    35 years of Mazda used car experience

Tony Lahood Motors has been delivering used cars to Sydney since 1985. That’s a lot of Mazdas! The care we’ve taken in hand-picking the best used cars for Sydney families is why parents return with their children to buy their car from us.

If you can see yourself in a quality Mazda, even for a test drive, we’re inviting you to one of our used car dealerships at Croydon or Lidcombe – both are on Parramatta Road. Every Mazda we sell comes with a 3-year used car warranty. It’s confidence that comes from being one of the premium Mazda dealers in Sydney. A confidence we’d like to share with you so come on in and say hello to Tony Lahood Motors today.