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Are Your Windows Tinted? Here's Why You Should Consider It!

In Australia, particularly during summer, we have some beautiful sunny weather that just makes you want to head outside to enjoy the sunshine.

You might hop in your car, roll the windows down and play some sweet songs about summer time as you head to the beach, up to the shops or down to the Parramatta road car yards to check out your next car.

However, many of us don’t consider the sun damage that can occur to us or our passengers when we’re safely strapped into our car – especially with the windows down or in a car with no window tinting!

Australia’s increased UV Radiation Exposure

Australia experiences some of the highest UV levels in the world and unfortunately, our great southern land also has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with more than 2,000 Australians dying from skin cancer each year.

Cancer Council Australia recommends that both the general public and those driving work vehicles should invest in window tinting to decrease UV radiation exposure and provide protection to themselves and any other passengers in the vehicle.

However, other than blocking those harmful UV rays, what other benefits are associated with window tinting?

Team “We Love Window Tinting”

Window tinting is a popular aftermarket addition to most cars, as it has a number of benefits associated with it.

  • In addition to blocking those aforementioned harmful UV rays, window tinting has the following reported benefits when applied to passenger vehicles:
  • It improves the appearance of the car by giving off a clean, sleek look;
  • In summer, the temperature inside the car is reduced because the tint reflects some of the sun’s thermal rays;
  • o The tint can also enhance the efficiency of the car’s air conditioning system;
  • It can help to protect interior upholstery from fading;
  • Windows with tinting applied tend to respond better in the event of an accident. The tinting can help to hold broken glass together, stopping the glass from shattering and flying through the air.
  • Darker tint can also give your car’s interior more privacy, making it harder of would-be crooks to make a quick assessment of what valuables you have lying about in the car.

Fun Fact: Did you know that your car window tinting actually protects you year round? Even in winter with cloud cover, the UV index may reach 3 or above. If this is the case, people are advised to wear adequate sun protection and seek shade where possible, which is where your tinted windows can provide some easy protection from the deceptive UV radiation.

Team “No Window Tinting”

While window tinting has many fans, there are some people who believe window tinting also has its downfalls.

  • Some of the reported cons of window tinting include:
  • Window tinting can get damaged or scratched, which requires the whole window tint to be replaced;
  • If not done correctly, window tinting can begin to bubble;
  • Some people believe that window tinting severely reduces their visibility while driving, making manoeuvres such as reversing and checking blind spots more dangerous.
  • o In particular, some people believe window tints have a negative impact on their visibility in low light/darkness.

Tinting Laws

Each state and territory in Australia is governed by differing rules around the type of tint that can be applied to front, back and rear windows on passenger cars. These laws are in place to ensure that driver visibility and safety is not impacted by the inclusion of window tinting.

In New South Wales, windshields may only have a tinted strip on top, equalling 10% of total windshield area.

Front side windows, back side windows and rear windows can have more tint applied, but it must not block more than 80% of total light (20% Visual Light Transmission {VLT}).

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At Tony Lahood Motors, we love all the benefits of window tinting, from the aesthetic improvements to the protection it provides from the heat and UV rays. As long as it has been applied correctly, we believe you won’t experience any significant issues with your tinting.

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