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Avoid Being Scammed by Car Dealers by Following These Tricks

With the ever growing and highly competitive industry of car dealerships, with many trusted dealers around, there are also those out there who do not hold their customer’s best interests at heart.

The good news is that there are auto shops such as Tony Lahood who can guide you through the process and help you find the vehicle you want, need and will love.

Here is what to keep in mind and look out for when searching for your next car.

Be Mindful When Trading Your Car

It is very common to trade in your existing car when purchasing a new one as this can be more cost effective, and save you the trouble of selling your existing car yourself.

Be mindful of the trade-in prices dealerships offer you. Do not be afraid to research, know your cars worth, negotiate or get a second opinion. Falling into the trap of trading in your existing car for a price that is not favourable, is best avoided by being prepared and exploring these options.

With Tony Lahood, we understand our customers needs and strive to give them the best value possible with all vehicles traded and priced according to their value and as advertised.

Know the ‘Bait and Switch’ Tactic

Dealerships know that the best way to drive sales, is to have potential customers come into see them. Unfortunately some businesses out there use tactics to lure potential customers to them with the intention of selling customers on a car they did not originally enquire about. This can result in buying a car you are not happy with or a car which stretches your budget a little too thin for comfort.

To avoid this, we recommend giving them a call before you visit and confirm that the vehicle you want is in stock. You can then ask to have the dealership fax or email a signed statement that indicates the availability of the vehicle.

Tony Lahood prides itself on transparency and honesty, being in the business for many years we understand the importance putting our customers first and never engage in the ‘bait and switch’ tactic. Give them a call at either their Lidcome or Croydon location to see if they have the car you want in stock!

Only Buy What You Need

When being mindful of purchasing a car within your needs and budget, here are a few items to cover

  • Check the exact terms covered with your purchase
  • Confirm warranty on the vehicle you are purchasing
  • Understand the process of potentially needing something fixed with the dealership
  • When financing, check that the dealership is governed under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act

With these items to consider, Tony Lahood Motors provides its customers confidence in purchasing. Give us a call, or drop by and have a chat to our friendly staff & see for yourself.