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Three Things To Consider To Buy The Best Used Car in Sydney

  • June 05, 2019
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Buying a used car is still one of the best ways to have travel independence on a tight budget. With the continued improvement of car technology, it’s now very possible to buy the best used car with loads more years of service still under the bonnet.

But what’s a good price to pay on your chosen model? How do you avoid a lemon? Read on to tune up your used car knowledge just in time for your next purchase.

Determine Your Budget

So you don’t get emotionally carried away, we recommend you write down your spend limit together with the top three reasons why you need this vehicle. Your budget should encompass the cost of the car, pre-purchase inspections and any additions you want to make to the vehicle, like a reversing camera.

Also, be sure you know where your finance is coming from. Car dealerships can organise this on the day of the purchase. A bank loan takes time to organise.

Research, inspect and test drive

You have the best used cars in the country at your fingertips thanks to numerous websites. Refine your search by age, price, location and other micro search options. When getting up close and personal with your car short list, it’s a good idea to take someone who knows a bit about cars with you or who’s a good sounding board for when you get to the pointy end of the deal.

During the test drive, the owner or car salesman will come with you so you can ask questions while on the journey. Then, before purchase, get a trained mechanic to go over it with a fine-toothed comb. This will help you negotiate the sale.

Dealer, Auction or Private Sale?

There are pros and cons to all three ways to buy a used car. Although you may spend less on a privately purchased vehicle, there are some definite advantages to buying from a dealer.

  • They must guarantee that there is no money owing on the car.
  • They’ll take your old vehicle as a trade-in.
  • Some states, under certain conditions, provide a statutory warranty which ensures the car is in reasonable condition for its age and guarantees repairs of faults during the warranty period.

At a car auction, you conduct a visual pre-inspection, a test drive and checks as to warranties and money owing. Then get ready for the rapid-fire auction!

Private sales, although cheaper, rely on you doing all of the checks and balances and do not come with a warranty of any kind.

Locating the Best Used Cars in Sydney

So the rules are simple: know what you can afford; thoroughly investigate your options; and be comfortable with who’s selling you the used car.

Buying from a quality used car dealership like Tony Lahood Motors is an excellent place to start. We’ve been in operation since 1985. No used car dealer lasts that long unless they’re doing everything right.

We have an extensive range of vehicles at our Croydon and Lidcombe locations plus all of our used cars come with a 3-year used car warranty.

That’s your next used car and peace of mind all wrapped up. So do you know what your budget is? Then come and visit us today for the best used cars in Sydney.