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Three Things to Consider When Trying to Find the Best Used Car

Stepping into a car dealership can feel a lot like being a kid in a lolly shop – you want EVERYTHING and you can feel a little overwhelmed by choice.

Used cars are the perfect choice for most car buyers. Those looking for their first car, upgrading to a bigger car or downgrading after their kids move out of home can all benefit from the more affordable prices associated with the best used cars.

At Tony Lahood Motors, we are huge fans of used cars and we love helping our customers to find the best used car for their needs.

We have put together our top three considerations to help you narrow down the options for your used car purchase.

1. Price

While it may be tempting to buy that new car with the fancy tech and top-rated safety, your bank account might have other ideas. You also don’t want to spend all your savings on a brand new car that will depreciate in value as soon as it leaves the shiny showroom anyway!

Which brings us to used cars, where you are more likely to find value for money.

Thanks to the depreciation of vehicle value, a used car that is only a couple of years old will cost you significantly less than a brand new model, without compromising too much on safety and features.

For example, at Tony Lahood Motors we currently have a used 2014 Hyundai Accent Hatchback Active RB2 available for $9,990 with Bluetooth connectivity, a sleek interior and a range of features designed to make your drive safer.

When it comes to value for money, some of the other top rated used cars include:

  • Mazda 3 – like the 2010 Mazda 3 Hatchback Neo BL10F1 MY10 we have for $9,990, with only 55,000km on the clock
  • Hyundai i30 – like the 2012 Hyundai i30 Hatchback Active GD we have in stock for $12,990
  • Kia Rio – like the 2017 Kia Rio Hatchback S YB MY17 we have in stock for $11,990
  • Subaru Outback
  • Ford Ranger
  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota Kluger

2. Safety Features

Car safety has come a long way from the days where there were no seatbelts, no airbags and it was okay for kids to ride in the tray of a ute!

These days, you can find an affordable used car with top-of-the-range safety features, such as Antilock Brakes (ABS), traction control, rear park assist and accident avoidance systems, without breaking the bank.

The best used cars on the market are those with sufficient safety features to not only protect you and your passengers, but also to reduce the risk of collision and potential injuries to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other drivers.

The NSW Government’s Centre for Road Safety released their Used Car Safety Ratings Buyer's Guide, which names a number of familiar used car models as a ‘Safer Pick’ based on data from police-reported road accidents. Some of these ‘Safer Picks’ are:

  • Mazda 3 (2013-2017)
  • Nissan Pulsar B17 Sedan (2012-2017)
  • Toyota Prius 3 (2009-2016)
  • Mazda 6/Atenza (2012-2017)
  • Jeep Compass (2007-2017)
  • Honda CR-V (2012-2017)
  • Mazda CX-5 (2012-2017)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (2006-12)
  • Subaru Forester (2012-2017)
  • Nissan Patrol (2012-2017)

From the list above, the Mitsubishi Outlander stands out as a top pick, as you can pick up an older model, like the 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander Wagon LS ZG MY09 for under $10,000, which comes with a great safety rating, a spacious seven-seater interior and everything you need in a used, family-sized car.

As the current range of cars becomes yesterdays news, you can expect high-tech, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as lane departure alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind-Spot Warnings, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and more to become commonplace.

3. Extras

Technology has moved so quickly since the turn of the millennium, so it is no surprise that many cars of the last 5-10 years have taken the technology and run with it.

Many of the best used cars on the market feature extras such as Bluetooth integration or aux connection, smart device integration (Apple CarPlay or Android Auto), rear-view cameras and reverse sensors, park assist, cruise control, panoramic sunroofs and more.

One of our top picks for a used car with extra features is the 2017 Kia Rio Hatchback S YB MY17 for $11,990, which includes smart device integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), Bluetooth, aux connectivity, rear camera, power door mirrors and more.

If your budget is a little higher, you can also pick up a 2015 Hyundai ix35 Wagon Highlander LM3 MY15 for $18,990, which comes with a DVD player, aux input with USB socket, Bluetooth, rear camera, compass, heated first row seats, glass roof with power blind, GPS (satellite navigation), keyless start, roof rails and more.

Choose Tony Lahood Motors for the Best Used Cars in Sydney

At Tony Lahood Motors, each of our used cars comes with a full car history report, free three-year warranty and any logbooks with service history.

Our commitment to customer service means that our team strive to provide high quality vehicles at an affordable price every day, showing our customers that used cars can be a valuable, yet low-cost investment.

Keeping in mind price, safety and extras, our experienced team can help you find your ideal used car.

For the best used cars in Sydney, you can’t go past Tony Lahood Motors.

Contact us today to find out why people from across Sydney trust us to help them find the perfect used car.