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What Car Dealers Don't Tell You: How to Score the Best Second Hand Cars

Buying a used car is an easy, yet effective, way to save money. Especially with the inflating cost of buying cars brand new. Whether you’re looking to buy a luxury car, or a car that’ll simply get you from point A to point B, there are a number of choices in the used car market.

In this guide, we’ll share with you some useful tips that will help you get the best deals on second hand cars.

Find a Reputable Dealer

To avoid any regrets after purchasing a vehicle, don’t rush the process. It is important to take time to research beforehand and negotiate with various dealerships for the best value. This will help you get a good deal and will ensure that you won’t regret your decision afterwards.

For people looking for a second hand vehicle in Croydon, you can check out Tony Lahood and browse their wide range of used cars. We are confident that we can get you a better deal than anywhere else. You can also visit our Lidcombe location for more deals!

There’s a Best Time to Buy a Used Car

You may already have an idea of the car you want In your mind, but did you know that there is a best time to buy a used car?

Many car dealers give bonuses to the salesperson who can crush their sales goals. Oftentimes these will be based on their sales for each quarter which makes the end of March, June, September, and December an ideal time to buy a second hand car. During this time, they will be more likely to negotiate on the price of their cars and more likely to provide better finance package.

There Are Cheaper Cars to Run

Choosing a vehicle that has a 4 cylinder engine compared to a 6 cylinder is not just about the horsepower it generates. The bigger the engine the higher the cost of fuel. This is an important aspect to consider, in terms of fuel economy, when looking to buy a used car.

Aside from that, a diesel car can be cheaper compared to vehicles that run on petrol. Although many say that petrol engines are more economical, this doesn’t always make them the best option. They tend to be more costly in the long run, and will usually cost more in fuel consumption compared to diesel.

Control the Negotiation

You shouldn’t hold yourself back when it comes to negotiating for a car you’d like to purchase. This is especially true even for the best second hand cars. To make sure that you are getting the best prices for your purchase, you should visit a reputable car dealer such as Tony Lahood which has stores both in Lidcombe and Croydon today.

Shop for Alternative Models

Finally, look for models of cars which are less popular in the market. Dealerships usually have a low demand for these cars, allowing them to offer bigger discounts, and better deals if you’re happy to purchase. There are no problems with these cars, and they have pretty much the same features as the car you’re looking to buy.

If you are looking to buy a used car today, you should check out the Tony Lahood website right now. You can find some of the best second hand cars from them and get great deals as well. Come and visit them now!