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Why is a Used Volkswagen Golf an Ideal Learners Car?

  • April 10, 2019
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The chance to finally get behind the wheel of a car and experience the freedom which only comes with being an adult is an exciting time for young people. Unfortunately, this same enthusiasm isn’t always shared by parents, or even by anxious or nervous new drivers themselves. For these reasons it’s important to choose a car which is both safe and easy to manoeuvre around. The Volkswagen Golf is an ideal option for learners and new drivers to provide safety and instil the confidence necessary to improve on the road. For example, the Golf can fit 4 passengers while still being small enough to park with ease, and with sales in excess of 30 million, it’s clear to see this little car has made a big impact on the market.

Obviously, not everyone can afford a brand new car. Thankfully, there are some great VW used cars out there which make excellent options at more affordable prices. For new models, prices start from around $25,290 up to $61,990 for the Golf R SPECIAL EDITION, however, VW used cars are significantly more affordable and range from around $3,850.

Keep reading for more insight into why a used Volkswagen Golf is a great option for young adults and new drivers.

Driving at Night

Driving at night can be daunting for inexperienced drivers, so having a safe car can help alleviate some of that initial stress. The Volkswagen Golf 110TSI has an inbuilt Driver Fatigue Detection System to detect levels of fatigue and prevent accidents related to drowsiness. Another useful function is the Golf’s alloy wheels which provide greater durability and safety to the driver.

Driving in Rainy, Foggy, or Smoky Conditions

Environmental factors can be scary for even the most skilled and experienced drivers, so you can only imagine how frightening it may be for learners trying to stay calm in rainy, foggy, or smoky conditions. The Golf GTI scored a maximum 5 star rating for safety standards with their Driver Assistance Package. This package features blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert which may help during poor weather conditions when the driver’s vision could be effected. These little bonuses provide just that bit more comfort for people learning to drive.

Driving on Country Roads

All Golf models incorporate safety measures such as cruise control, multi-collision brakes and a rear-view camera. These safety measures are highly desirable for country roads which can be high speed and unpredictable. Driving in the country for the first time can be an intimidating experience for any driver, however, particularly for new drivers. A VW used car is a great option for learning to drive in the country so learners feel safe.

Driving on Mountain or Range Roads

Learning to drive on mountain or range roads is a real challenge, so you want a car which is up to the task and makes the learner feel reassured and comfortable. The Golf is known for being a capable mountain road vehicle due to its turbo charged torque and smooth gear changes.

Driving on Unsealed (Dirt) Roads

One of the GTI Golf’s key feature is the Adaptive Chassis Control function which automatically responds to road conditions to assist with account braking, steering and accelerating. Driving on dirt is completely different to driving on a regular road. For the uninitiated, that very first experience on a slippery surface can be extremely intimidating. For these reasons you want a car you can trust, and with the Adaptive Chassis Control function you’re going to be in good hands.

City Driving

For driving in the city, learners will enjoy the perks of the Golf 110TSI Highline’s Park Assist feature to help with parallel parking and traffic jam assist which uses lane markings and other vehicles on the road for orientation. The Golf GTI also has a rear cross traffic alert feature which is valuable for the congested CBD streets and newer drivers who may not be as cautious as experienced drivers. Your Volkswagen can use Adaptive Cruise Control1 to follow the vehicle ahead at a speed set by you up to 60 km/h. When activated, this can even operate the accelerator and brakes to help avoid collisions.

Driving on Suburban Streets

For everyday driving on suburban streets, the Volkswagen Golf provides an easy transition for learner drivers. Clear vision is essential for all drivers, yet even more so for learner drivers who won’t be accustom to sensing danger in the same way as someone with years of experience behind them. With large, deep windows to minimise blind spots, light steering for easier parking and well-weighted peddles to make it smoother to drive in traffic, the Golf is an ideal learners’ car.

Driving on Main Roads

The VW Golf is a fairly small car with great vision steering and brake system. Driving on main roads at higher speeds can feel unsafe at first. Statistics show younger drivers have a higher fatality rate, making the vehicle you choose imperative towards minimising risk. As mentioned, the blind spot warning system is a fantastic feature for learner drivers as not seeing another vehicle sitting in your blind spot is a major cause for accidents. Again, as it’s easy to drive it’s one of the best cars for learners to drive and therefore, safer.

Now that you have a basic understanding of why VW used cars are an ideal option for learner drivers, be sure to get a car history report before making a purchase. You may also want to try out a few different models to ensure you’re getting what you really need. If you have any questions please get in touch by phoning us at Croyden on 02 9799 9511 or Lidcombe 02 9748 2344.