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Why Oil Changes are So Important

Technology in the auto industry has evolved with an oil pump and filter being one of the advances in the industry. The motor oil is essential to keep engine parts lubricated and moving. It is essential to change your oil every 5K miles to ensure the vehicle’s engine life cycle.

Motor oils contain antioxidants help to reduce the exposure of oxygen to moving parts. Oxygen exposure can lead to corrosion and rust. For many years, and still for some older model vehicles, it was recommended that oil changes be performed every 3K miles. Today, oils have improved, and vehicles can now go for 5 to 7K miles before an oil change is required.

Conventional oils have been passed by synthetic motor oils as they can go much longer between oil changes. Synthetic motor oils do not lose their lubricating properties or degrade, and offer a better flow, as well as temperature to the moving parts of the engine.

It is not uncommon for moisture to accumulate in the crankcase of the engine. If this happens, motor oil will boil off the condensation as it heats up, and the engine warms up. For cars driven that are less than 10 miles a day, it is suggested to change the oil in the vehicle more often as damage does result from frequent cold startups.

Motor oil is something that should not burn or ignite.

The engine in your vehicle is essential in keeping the engine healthy. The above oil facts are designed to help vehicle owners know the importance of oil changes. Changing your oil every 5K miles and using synthetic oil will help to strengthen the life cycle of your engine.

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