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Why You Should Choose A Honda For Your Next Second-hand Car

  • June 05, 2019
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While new cars battle for supremacy in a very cluttered market, there is a far more interesting tussle going on in the used car market. Time and time again the Honda is coming out victorious as the consumer’s used car of choice. We’re here with the definitive answer why.

Honda’s history of precision

Two Japanese traits shine through as cornerstones of Honda’s engineering prowess – innovation and a constant adherence to quality. Couple this with Honda focusing on the small and family car markets and it’s no wonder that as their cars age and the mechanics remain reliable, young drivers and families are snapping them up.

There’s also the fact that long ago Honda recognised that stylish design and cutting edge technology play a big part in their success, hence the Honda hybrids and adventurous model designs.

Choosing the best Honda for you

Chances are someone in your family has already owned a Honda. You’ll know this because they’re probably still driving one today! From the 1970s and 80s when Honda really made their name in quality-built engines, comes the Honda faithful who simply won’t drive anything else. We often see this belief passed down through families.

Honda dealers in Sydney all agree that there is a Honda to suit just about anyone’s used car needs. For small cars, there’s the Honda Civic with its super peppy engine. Medium SUV’s are catered for by the solid Honda CR-V. The Honda Jazz with its reliable engine and modern inclusions is an ideal pick for a teen’s first car. While the family sedan market is more than catered for with the dependability of the Honda Accord.

Tony Lahood Motors, a renowned Honda dealer in Sydney, sees this demand for Hondas resulting in a lively turnover of Hondas, so you never know what’s coming into their two car yards next.

Honda used car affordability

The biggest advantage of buying a quality used Honda is that the cost depreciation of the vehicle has already taken place. In other words, the gap has been closed on the true value of the car and the new car yard’s price tag. Considering how well Hondas hold their value, this means you’re getting a used vehicle that although sits a little higher in price than its competitors, will hold its value for any further resale.

The there’s what you save in the maintenance of the car. A Honda that has driven 100,000km usually still has a lot of life left in it. For that, you can thank the Honda engineers.

Find your Honda dealer in Sydney

So how do you make a Honda used car even better than the makers intended? By getting yourself straight to Tony Lahood Motors, one of the premium Honda dealers in Sydney. We put a 3-year used car warranty on every Honda we sell. It’s confidence in the Honda brand as much as the used cars we stock. Come on down to our extensive used car collection today for a test drive. You’ll find us at Croydon and Lidcombe, both on Parramatta Road.