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6 Reasons To Regularly Service Your Car!

At Tony Lahood Motors, we have a lot of great, sometimes interesting characters walk through the door to check out our range of the best used cars in Sydney.

When we discuss their current and past cars and the issues they may have experienced, we’ve heard customers use some of the best excuses in the book to avoid servicing their car; from the old “I didn’t know it needed servicing” excuse to the popular “I never had the money to take it in for servicing.”

Unfortunately, even if you delay your servicing and you pray to the car gods that your car will be fine, there’s a good chance that some small issues, which could have been diagnosed by your mechanic, will not be picked up, resulting in a much more expensive service or repair down the track.

Check out our six reasons to stop putting off that trip to the mechanic and get your car serviced regularly.

1. Keep You and Your Passengers Safe

Regardless of the type of car you drive, it is important to recognise that your car is a machine that needs servicing to keep it running safely.

Your car carries precious cargo - including you, your child or children, fur-children and family members - from A to B, with every trip adding to the wear and tear of the various features of your car.

During a major service, a mechanic will check over aspects of your vehicle such as the engine, lights, air-conditioning filters, brakes, wheel alignment, suspension and more.

2. Maintain Your Warranty

Whether you have opted to purchase a brand new car or to pick up one of our best used cars, there will be some kind of warranty associated with the vehicle and maintaining this warranty generally requires car owners to keep up with regular car servicing.

With new cars, the manufacturer’s warranty usually spans at least three years or 100,000km; whichever comes first. In order to maintain this warranty, car owners are obliged to service their car at the intervals stated by the car manufacturer.

Used cars are a little different and will differ depending on the age of the car and kilometres travelled; a used car statutory warranty often only lasts three months, but at Tony Lahood Motors, we back all our used cars with a three year used car warranty.

3. Check the Tyres

As we mentioned in our previous blog 10 Essential Safety Checks You Need To Do Regularly on Your Car, your tyres play such an important role in keeping your car safe on the road.

Tyres naturally wear down over time as you drive, however, depending on the type of car, your driving style and a number of other factors, some car owners may find their tyres become worn at a faster rate than others.

In Australia, most new tyres come with 8mm of tread and have a minimum legal tread depth of 1.5mm.

Bald tyres make driving incredibly risky, particularly in wet weather, as they can cause difficulty stopping, reduce vehicle handling and may be at risk of blowing out as you drive.

4. Maintain Engine Performance and Health

In a car, there are many operational parts that are integral to the performance and efficiency of your engine, so it is important to keep them all in tip-top shape to ensure your car running as intended.

Regular car servicing will help to maintain the performance and health of your engine by removing any build up, cleaning out filters and fixing any leaks before they cause big issues.

For example, something as simple as an oil change can improve fuel economy and prolong the life of your engine through reduced wear and tear.

5. Save Money in the Long Run

Taking time out of your day to drop off and pick up your car from the mechanic may be inconvenient, it might even come at a time where other bills are piling up.

But having your car checked by a professional now, however inconvenient it may seem, can save you from a nasty repair bill later on. Regular servicing ensures that small problems can be picked up early, hopefully before they become expensive problems.

As mentioned before, servicing your car can also maintain the performance of the engine and the fuel efficiency of your car, saving you more money on fuel.

6. Maximise Resale Value

When you’re looking for the best used cars, you want to know that the car has been well maintained over the years by any previous owners – both for your own peace of mind about the current state of the vehicle and as a record of any previous issues the car may have had.

A used car with full service history will have a higher resale value than a car with no service history or with infrequent servicing logs.

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